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Armchair Travel to Persephone Books, Bath

A stone’s throw away from the Jane Austen Centre, tucked away in an elegant, eighteenth-century storefront is the small, unassuming home of Persephone Books. Established in 1999, this publisher and bookseller is devoted to re-discovering and re-printing overlooked, out of print, and neglected writers (mainly women, and mainly from the twentieth century). After moving from their London shop in 2021 (which used to be just around the corner from the British Museum), the new Persephone Books shop in Bath now is now home to the Persephone Parlour: a spot for book groups, lunches, small concerts, informal film showings and seminars.

Their back catalogue of books now numbers well over a hundred. If that feels a bit overwhelming, start with one of these favourites:

I’d also be tempted to pick up a charming Persephone Books umbrella from their gift shop, to prepare for exploring Bath on a drizzly English afternoon.