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The best modal boy short undies

I’m jealous of how easy it is for guys to buy underwear. Old underwear worn out? Boxers, boxer briefs, or briefs— choose one. Pick your size. Pick your material. Done. Get on with your life. I personally dread the day when my undies start to get old and need replacing. Because women’s undies never seem to stay available in the same material, sizing, cut.

I can buy the same underwear for my husband I bought a decade ago, and it looks the same and fits the same. But whoever makes women’s panties seems to think we need new innovation and changes and updates. No we don’t! Just keep making the same panties in the same cut in the same material forever, please and thank you. And stop discontinuing ones I like.

All that is to say— I was on a mission to find the best cotton boyshort panties, initially. But I was ok with cotton, viscose, modal, any of those. I’m a long-waisted hourglass, so I was looking for high waisted boyshort that wouldn’t hit mid-hip and keep rolling or inching down as the day went on. I used to love the Maidenform cotton high rise boyshorts with the wide lace waistband, but have found their sizing and cut inconsistent recently so found myself looking for an alternative.

After way too many fruitless Google searches, I came across the Understance Soft Contour Ultra High-Rise Bikini. Confusingly, it’s not marketed as a boyshort, and Understance actually has a different boyshort panty available, to further complicate matters. But based on the images and the reviews, the what they were calling a high rise bikini definitely looked like a pair of boyshort panties to me. Plus they were a modal/lycra blend. And from a Canadian company, with ethically made products, that gives back their local community, to boot.

Soft Contour Ultra High-Rise Bikini from Understance
Available in sizes XS-XXL, and 4 colours (misty rose, sand, amber, and black)

The modal boy shorts arrived in sleek, modern, minimalist, recycled packaging that felt very luxe. The undies are super soft, wash like a dream, don’t slip down, and have a minimal panty line. I’m ordering more the next time they’re on sale. (I really hope they don’t get discontinued any time soon– fingers crossed.)

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